The word ‘syndrome’ is used in medicine to refer to a group of often seemingly unrelated features which occur together to form its own clinical identity. This blog about places I see and thoughts I have is a similar attempt at uniting seemingly unrelated aspects of what interests me into one entity.

Recent Posts

Pune, Shanghai, and a Man Named Victor

I’ve lived a fair bit of my life in the city of Pune and it’s a very special place to me. I first moved here in 2012 to study medicine at the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), an institution to which I owe a lot. Between adjusting to new life and its rules, studying anatomy…

The Ranwar Village in Bandra, Mumbai

The Mumbai suburb of Bandra, or ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ as it’s often called, is one of the most affluent and well-known parts of Mumbai. It’s home to some of the wealthiest and most popular movie stars and sports stars in the country. Many visit Bandra to shop at Linking Road; to sit on the…

The Two Synagogues of Pune

There are an estimated 200 Jews living in Pune. That’s not many. But Pune is home to two synagogues, and one of them is the largest synagogue in all of Asia, outside Israel.

Who am I?

This blog has been born out of a union of boredom and gnawing urge to document certain thoughts I have and places I visit. Since I was a young boy, I was fascinated by culture: how people live, why they choose to do things they do, a curiosity for how things were in the past,…

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